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About us


TalentBait is an online recruitment service that allows businesses to create infographic-based job postings and share them on a variety of social networking platforms.

Press release

October 1, 2016

TalentBait Launches Private Beta on BetaList

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Press mentions

October 11, 2016

Startup Valley News

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TalentBait was started to change the direction of HR-marketing. A lot of companies still haven't adapt to way potential talents search or find jobs nowadays. On top of that, every day new channels and formats arise, making it harder for business to stay on top of it and reach high potentials. TalentBait offers a product to businesses that strengthen their brand on social media platforms and reaches even passive candidates.

Key Features

  • Highly sharable and visual job postings in form of infographics
  • Effective distribution on social media of job postings
  • Chat bots for job search
  • A great pool of beautiful designs and templates

The Backstory

We had the idea when working on a visual resume for one of our clients. We noticed how many job postings were just a wall of text without any details about the company and its culture. We started iterating on the idea and gathering input from companies we know. The feedback was overwhelming. Many of the startups we asked, lack a good strategy on how to reach high potentials, especially in a very competitive market. Our product gives them a competitive edge, that you need to stand out.

The Founders

Diana Basso


Diana is a data analytics and iOS expert. She was lead engineer for Europe’s most successful taxi app and worked in San Francisco for the sales automation startup Immediately as their lead iOS developer. She has also released the iPad app Mount Vista, a directory for travel webcams.

Nils Schlomann


Nils has a background in product development and data visualization. He worked and lived the last 4 years in San Francisco where he helped numerous startups come to life (,, Viglink and Carrot). He has always been passionate about modern working culture and better ways finding the perfect job.